Opposition to renewal of Britain's nuclear deterrent

John Hull has written papers providing an ethical critique of the UK Government's proposals to renew the nuclear deterrent after the Trident system reaches the end of its life.
The Replacement of Trident is a briefing paper which has been adopted by the All Saints Church Kings Heath Social Justice Action Group, which John Hull chairs. Part of it has been published as an Audenshaw Paper: 'THE CASE AGAINST THE RENEWAL OF TRIDENT'.
He has also written 'The Future of the United Kingdom's Nuclear Deterrent: A Critique'.  Read the Executive Summary of this paper.
There is a good introduction to how John Hull got involved in this campaign in The Bible and Peace: God takes Direct Action.

John Hull first joined a protest demonstration at the Faslane Nuclear Base in January 2007

Faslane 365 was a "civil resistance initiative to apply critical public pressure for the disarmament of Britain's nuclear weapons."   It was a year-long continuous peaceful blockade at Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland, in which groups and organisations had been invited to shut down the base for at least one 48-hour period each during the year.  A group of Academics and Scholars, including John Hull, blockaded the North gate of the base on Sunday 7th January 2007, running a seminar on the subject as they did so.  You can read John's illustrated account of this day,  A Brief Report on an Experience at Faslane.

John Hull again took part in the Faslane 365 campaign in June 2007

On Sunday 10th June 2007, outside the North Gate of the Faslane Naval Base, John preached to a group of students and staff from theological colleges on The Prayer that Jesus taught and the Nuclear Weapons that Britain made. Accompanied by some Queen's theological staff and students and others, a secondary purpose of this visit was "to improve the teaching of practical theology in the Foundation" and "to encourage a more practical outworking of the implications of theological study by inviting members of staff and students to take part in an event which would offer an opportunity to encounter, plan and experience non-violent protest and/or direct action." See illustrated report Ministerial Formation for Prophetic Leadership: Report of the Faslane Pilgrimage, June 2007 (PDF file, 3.85 MB). There is a more personal account of John's experience of being arrested on this occasion, in Facing Trident (REtoday, 2007.)

John Hull also helped plan and take part in related protests by Queen's theological staff and students and others at Aldermaston.

On Friday 17th October 2008 they conducted a 'Service of Lamentation' outside the main gates. On Monday 15th February 2010 they blockaded the Tadley gate of the AWE. See list of reports on the Current Teaching: Prophetic Ministry page.

In May 2012 John Hull became the first patron of the Nuclear Education Trust, having been one of the founding trustees from 2007 to 2012.

The NET was set up by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as a charity, to promote education about nuclear weapons.

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