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Tributes In Memoriam

This page will contain links to various tributes paid to John following his death
on 28 July 2015, aged 80.

Five reflections on John's teaching and writings by members of the
Theological Reading Group meeting at The Queens Foundation, Birmingham.

From the introduction: "in the summer of 2015 [the Reading Group] was studying John Hull’s book “Towards the Prophetic Church” when news came of his unexpected death. This was the more poignant for us because we had been looking forward to debating the ideas of his book with John at the end of our course. Because of the great influence his character and teaching had had on us we decided that our personal recollections and impressions of him should be recorded and collected, since they would help define what we were about as a group and show how we have encountered his ideas."  Read the reflections

(Other tributes now in preparation will be added when available)

The Queen's Foundation Lecture in memory of Professor John M. Hull
was launched on 13 June 2016 with a lecture by Rev'd Dr Sam Wells, vicar of
St Martins-in-the-Fields, entitled: 'Towards a Prophetic Church of England'.
"We’re here today because John Hull was a prophet. And if we ask ourselves the question, ‘What Would a Prophetic Church of England Look Like?’ the answer is simple: it would look more like John Hull."

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